About Us

Through partnerships with the public, private, and non-profit sectors, Get Fit Kids Corner’s goal is  to engage, educate, and empower kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and good nutrition. Certified fitness trainer and Executive Director Leslie Hoffman has built a team of experts who will lead Get Fit Kids Corner to become the area’s premier organization for information on fitness and nutrition.

Our programs include in-school workshops, special events and television fitness series that motivate kids to lead active healthy lives.

Our in-school workshops  consist of nutritional consulting along with dance-fitness that motivate kids of all ages to lead active, healthy lives.

Our TV series consists four minute dance-fitness segments that will be aired on cable.  These stand-alone series will encourage kids at home to follow along.


The mission of Get Fit Kids Corner is to provide information, products and services to families seeking to gain insight into nutrition and healthy lifestyles.


Our vision is to eradicate childhood obesity in the New Orleans area, ensuring that all children can have access to information regarding healthy, productive lifestyles.

Organization Objectives

  1. Promote the research and prevention of obesity in its immediate location as well as the surrounding areas.

  2. Secure commitments from healthcare professionals and the community to promote healthy eating habits and a healthy community through participation in activities, events and informative sessions aimed at education about and the prevention of childhood obesity.

  3. Distribute information concerning healthy habits that promote quality and longevity of life.

  4. Initiate and implement quality community programs.

  5. Initiate and distribute communication that informs and educates the public concerning children’s and family health.

  6. Encourage those who are pursuing a career in areas that focus on prevention and treatment of childhood obesity.

Get Fit Kids Corner wishes to initiate and implement quality community programs.  We wish to expand interest in and awareness of the benefits of regular physical activity, fitness, and good nutrition.  Additionally, we want to stimulate and enhance coordination of programs within and among our population that promote physical activity, fitness, sports participation and good nutrition.