• Dr. Irene Sebastian

    Posted on April 8, 2013 by in Experts, Uncategorized

    Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 9.06.17 PMLike many others, her introduction to alternative medicine came from an effort to find relief from various medical complaints for which she could not find help through conventional medicine.  The improvement in her health from the use of homeopathic medicine was so great that she began to read about this system of medicine.  As her interest in this medical system grew, Dr. Sebastian discovered she wanted to become a homeopathic physician.  This decision required a return to college for pre-med studies, then medical school and residency, before finally fulfilling her dream to become a homeopath.  Dr. Sebastian has now been studying homeopathy for 20 years and continues to be as fascinated as she was when she first experienced its healing powers.

    Although Dr. Sebastian was able to help many patients through the use of homeopathic medicine, she also came to realize she could not help everyone.  This realization led her to the study of nutrition and functional medicine.   With an integrated approach using homeopathy, functional medicine, nutrition, and conventional medicine, she now feels she is able to help most patients.

    While Dr. Sebastian can never promise she will cure everyone who seeks treatment, she does seek to understand “the story” of each patient and to act as a guide towards a healing path.

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