• Leslie Hoffman, Executive Director

    Posted on March 11, 2013 by in Experts
     188839_1002591645212_8138270_nIn her public persona, Executive Director Leslie Hoffman is recognized as the top T.V. fitness “guru” in the south/central U.S. as the Producer/Host of her Silver Telly, national award winning show, “GET FIT WITH LESLIE”, which is now into its 15th year. Yet, it is her multiple, creative successes as a business owner for 25 years that really stand out.
    Leslie is President and Owner of Certain Image, Inc., a full service marketing and advertising agency developing ad campaigns, along with media planning, graphic design, TV and Radio production, jingle production. etc., as well as her full service company, Leslie Hoffman Productions LLC. As such, Leslie has produced over 400 television shows, and over 200 radio shows associated with the medical, health and fitness fields. She has a unique passion for fitness, an understanding of how to relate to viewers, as well as the skills and business acumen to create top quality productions.

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